Whether you call it concept, a system, or just a drill, izona reflects a lifetime of knowledge and passion, dedicated to driving advancements in sustainable farming.

Engineered and built in Great Britain, the izona range has been designed by award winning engineer and inventor Martin Lole and marks the peak in single pass establishment technology.  At the heart of the izona range, versatility, consistency, and accuracy play a crucial role in delivering reliable crop establishment both direct, and into conventional seedbeds.

We know that every farm is different, but with the unique ability to be configured as a strip till, direct drill, min till or conventional implement the izona drill reflects excellent flexibility and value for money as a true British work horse.   

And like a true British work horse, through clever design, the izona drill is far less susceptible to challenging weather conditions and is capable of negotiating a wide variety of surface residues to deliver even establishment across any field.