The iPass 624 establishing cover crops into wheat stubble

The iPass 624 establishing a cover crop mix into wheat stubble, achieving minimal disturbance whilst the leading leg clears a small residue free tilled zone to promote quick, even establishment and good rooting.

izona Low Disturbance Subsoiler in OSR Stubble

The new izona low disturbance subsoiler lifts the soil profile whilst creating minimal surface disturbance. A rear packer effectively puts the field back down with rings concentrated to either side of the legs.

izona iPass Direct Drill

Representing a unique opportunity for growers to own multiple drills within a single machine, the izona iPass has been designed to be equally at home drilling into cultivated land as it is drilling into high residue cover crops and stubbles.

Showing at Groundswell 2021

During Groundswell 2021, the regenerative agriculture show, we caught up with Martin Lole to learn all about the Izona iPass, being exhibited for the first time.