The iPass 624 establishing cover crops into wheat stubble

The iPass 624 establishing a cover crop mix into wheat stubble, achieving minimal disturbance whilst the leading leg clears a small residue free tilled zone to promote quick, even establishment and good rooting.

izona Low Disturbance Subsoiler in OSR Stubble

The new izona low disturbance subsoiler lifts the soil profile whilst creating minimal surface disturbance. A rear packer effectively puts the field back down with rings concentrated to either side of the legs.

izona iPass Direct Drill

Representing a unique opportunity for growers to own multiple drills within a single machine, the izona iPass has been designed to be equally at home drilling into cultivated land as it is drilling into high residue cover crops and stubbles.

Showing at Groundswell 2021

During Groundswell 2021, the regenerative agriculture show, we caught up with Martin Lole to learn all about the Izona iPass, being exhibited for the first time.

Izona showcases new subsoiler

Launced at Cereals 2021, the new izona low disturbance subsoiler has been featured in the Farmers Weekly – Read the roundup here

Martin Lole stands with the new izona low disturbance subsoiler which made its debut at Cereals 2021

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Martin Lole stands alongside the izona iPass 624 which he designed and developed in Worcestershire, UK.

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Watch the interview – Farmers Guide

Martin Lole gives a brief introduction to the Farmers Guide on the launch of the new izona iPass at Groundswell 2021.

New low disturbance subsoiler

Following the launch of the izona iPass direct drill at Groundswell earlier this month, the team at izona are proud to introduce the latest in the line of establishment equipment, the izona low disturbance subsoiler at Cereals. Event

Complementing the iPass range, the izona low disturbance subsoiler has been designed to work in harmony with direct establishment to loosen and aerate soils prior to drilling. The izona’s clever design ensures minimal surface movement whilst effectively fracturing and lifting soil at a medium depth to aid better drainage and promote good rooting in otherwise compacted soils.

Designed by Martin Lole, the izona low disturbance subsoiler is aimed for the larger tractor and boasts heavy duty construction with high-quality components. Available in four and six metres, the implement features 8 and 12 legs respectively. The legs are spaced 500mm apart with a generous stagger of 750mm to ensure free movement of residue for continuous through put of trash.  

The new linkage mounted model comes complete with spring-loaded pivoting discs to provide clean cutting action through crop residue and topsoil whilst being able to avoid stones. Individually mounted, the disc arms self-adjust to follow the contours of the ground to ensure accurate engagement across the width of the machine. Following the disc, a 15mm hardened steel leg features a replaceable tungsten carbide tipped point to pierce and lift the soil profile whilst creating minimal surface disturbance.

Operators can determine the level of fracture through the profile by a choice of three wing widths including 55mm, 115mm and 135mm. ‘Hammer-thru’ shear pins minimise downtime whilst ensuring maximum draft control and maintaining the correct draft angle of the wing.

Behind the legs, follows a substantial packer roller with V profile rings. Strategically spaced to follow the legs in line, the packer roller creates a weatherproof finish and can be easily adjusted to suit soil type and.

Other features of the new izona low disturbance subsoiler include a hydraulic fold for a narrow transport width of just 2.70m as well as a full width lighting bar for road work.

Alongside the izona low disturbance subsoiler, izona will be showcasing their new direct drill, the iPass 624 which the company markets as a versatile concept that can carry out no-tillage, strip tillage and conventional tillage seeding.

Visitors to Cereals over 30th June to 1st July can find the izona range on the manufacturers stand no. 1130 located next to the direct drill demonstration plots.

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During the launch of the izona iPass at Groundswell, Farmers Weekly Machinery Reporter, Edd Mowbray caught up with Martin to discuss the new drill.

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New launch at Groundswell 2021

British manufacturer izona are proud to showcase their new direct seed drill at this year’s Groundswell Event held on 23rd & 24th of June at Lannock Manor Farm, SG4 7EE. Over the two days, visitors to the show’s direct drill demonstration site will be able to see the izona iPass 624 in action which the company markets as a versatile concept that can carry out no-tillage, strip tillage and conventional tillage seeding.

The izona iPass is the brainchild of farmer and engineer, Martin Lole who is well known in the industry for being the leading force behind several popular machinery brands still operating in the UK. Designed to offer flexible, high output seeding across a range of establishment systems the iPass incorporates a number of thoughtful features.

High output, pressurised tank

Boasting a large 7000 litre split tank the iPass can comfortably accommodate four bags of fertiliser and six bags of seed to allow an output of up to 16ha per tank fill when based on a 180kg/ha seed rate. The tank is pressurised for metering and conveying high application rates efficiently and at speed. A generous twin ladder platform has been incorporated to allow easy access to the tank lids for filling and inspection and doubles up as centralised housing for the drills pair of fans and electronic systems. 

Commercial braked axle on floatation tyres

Supporting the high-capacity tank, the monocoque chassis features a commercial axle fitted with hydraulic brakes as standard whilst floatation tyres give the drill a sympathetic footprint. Operators can upgrade to air brakes as an option, something that is becoming more common and is a legal requirement for road transport in many European countries.

Flexible coulter choice for different techniques

Interchangeable front points and coulters allows the iPass to be converted from a no-till drill to a strip till or conventional drill at the push of a roll pin. Operators can choose 2” single shoot and 3” and 5” double shoot coulters to achieve different row spacings to suit different seeding techniques. 250mm row spaced models, such as the 6 metre iPass 624 and the 8 metre iPass 832 can achieve a conventional seed row finish using the 5” coulter which drills individual rows evenly spaced apart across the width of the drill. The iPass can also be available in 333mm row spacings with models including the 618 and the 824.

Auto-reset leading tines and front discs clear crop residue from the seeding zone to produce a clean till of moist friable soil whilst band placing fertiliser to promote good root development. Seeding coulters are suspended via a parallel linkage that allows independent control from the cultivation zone whilst also ensuring that the coulter angle is unaffected by depth for accurate seed placement. A unique universal joint system gives the independent, hydraulically pressurised coulter arm exceptional self-steering capabilities and allows the coulter to follow the ground for even establishment across undulating fields.   

The variability of the iPass set up appeals to both growers looking to reduce cultivation and advance to a direct system, as well as those who are well established with minimum tillage and want a reliable and consistent machine. Visitors to the Groundswell show will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of the izona iPass in person across the two days where they will be able to discuss the drill with a member of the izona team.